The Value Of Long Lasting Clients...

The Value Of Long Lasting Clients...

Today I met up with one of my longest-lasting clients. I went to their office, saw some renovations and heard about how everything was going for them. We shared a coffee, a couple of laughs and talked...

For almost 3 years we’ve worked with each other.

A very small project at $320/m.

But you see even small projects can lead to big outcomes.

36 months at $320 is $11,520.

That's without taking into consideration our work after landing the customer.

Over a long time, yes, but a huge pure profit and only an hour of work per month!

Now to the question I always ask...

Why am I telling you this?

Because remember, we make a sale to acquire a customer.

If you think long-term and create a strategy for not only acquiring customers but also to up-sell, down-sell, cross-sell, collect testimonials and get referrals.

Then you'll drastically increase the customer's lifetime value and your profits.

If you on top of that manage to keep clients for a long time you'll have yourself one heck of a business.

This will also enable you to spend more money on advertising.

Making you able to grow faster.

Big businesses often spend more to acquire a customer than what the initial sale will generate.

Meaning they lose money every time they acquire a customer.

Because they are thinking long term!

They're willing to sacrifice short-term pain for long-term success.

Written by...
Anton Keller
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