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Together we can achieve actual change. Together we can make an impact. Together we can create the future we need.
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Come as you are – An inclusive and welcoming environment where everyone is welcome and treated equally. We believe that all perspectives matter.

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Be ready to share – This is no place to "hide emotions" or lie to your co-workers. We are all human beings and are better off sharing than hiding. We embrace, don't judge.

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100% Remote – We have adopted a completely remote workspace. Meaning you can work from wherever in the world you wish to be. The Bali beaches, a café in Paris or perhaps your favorite escape.

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Life Long Learners – We believe curiosity is key. To have a hunger for learning. Here at Nued we achieve and learn together. We are all fanatics about what we do, if you are too you will fit right in.

Proximity is power. Together we can achieve so much more and be so much better. Together we can strengthen weaknesses and crush performance. And I believe...
That you, Me and the rest of the team together can make a change in this world. Together.

Anton Keller

Founder, Chief Executive Officer