Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s get down to business.

What is Digital Marketing?
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Digital Marketing is the marketing we do online. That includes your website, e-mail campaigns, ads, etc.
What is your Digital Marketing Strategy?
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Our strategy is rather simple...
We generate traffic through via ads, convert the traffic into quality leads & sometimes direct sales. And we do it with our core methodology, Give & You Shall Receive. Giving value in order to gain value.
How will this grow my business?
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All of our services are focused around what makes your digital marketing into a money machine. But better than that we combine them into what makes a true superhuman sales rep working 24/7 for your business. The short answer: we generate high quality leads and for e-commerce businesses direct sales.
Why choose Digital Marketing over Standard Marketing?
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Digital Marketing has the benefit of being worldwide. You can reach millions and even billions of people in less than a second. Performed correctly you can literally create an automated sales system
What guarantees do you offer?
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Well it is rather stupid actually...
We guarantee your money back if we do not hit the agreed upon target.
How does Nued contribute to a sustainable future?
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The entire idea behind Nued is to empower the forward thinkers, aka sustainable businesses, by growing their business. Meaning making them take a bigger market share and by doing so making more people choose them, a sustainable option, before others. And by doing so together we are making more people choose sustainability and therefore creating a sustainable future.