Countless sleepless nights.

(heck I still have nightmares about them)

Such immense pain from something so silly…

As generating new customers.

I felt without purpose, useless and unworthy.

And I know you can relate to my experience.

But let me tell you…

There’s a way out of this misery.

There’s a simple solution to your problems.

Here’s my story about how I went from 3 to 60 sales calls every month.

It all started in 2018…

A fresh high school graduate ready to start my own business.

I talked my best friend into joining and together we booked a one-way ticket to travel through Asia and start our very own business!

Let me tell you…

We knew nothing about business.

But we knew that the first thing we had to do was create a portfolio.

So one morning we walked into a hotel and asked for the manager.

Once the manager came out to see why two sunburned boys knocked on her door...

We proudly said something along the lines of…

"Hello we’re professional photographers from Sweden and we want to offer you our services for FREE! All we want in return is to stay at your hotel for free."

And it worked!

Our master plan was a success.

We took some pictures, got some good food and had a blast!

Here have a look...

But our grand plan didn’t last for long...

We never got any more projects than that during the entire trip.

Three months of intense travelling later...

We returned to Sweden.

I continued the business alone.

For 6 months I learned as much as I could about business...

How to get new customers.

How to manage finances.

And how to manage people.

But with nothing to show for it…

Things were looking rather dark.

My family and surroundings had lost fate in me.

And I knew that drastic action was needed…

So I made a Facebook post...

"Creating free commercial videos for the first 5 customers."

Within a couple of hours, I had my 5 first businesses to help.

After that my success with the production company started taking off.

People started referring me and I could keep on creating without worrying about customers.

But I still didn’t have it all figured out...

One month I would make $15,000 and the other $600.

But I wanted a stable income.

And I wanted to scale the business far beyond my small taste of success.

After 3 years of isolating myself from society...

The puzzle pieces started coming together.

I saw things more clearly.

It was as if I could see colour for the first time.


I had finally unlocked the secret to business...

Every time I had ever sold something it started with an irresistible offer.

I’m not suggesting you should go out and give away your services for free...

But there is something very important to learn from it.

Just like Einstein's beautiful E = mc²

This can be summarized into a beautiful equation.

( Desired Outcome (d) + Perceived Likelihood of Achievement (a) ) /  ( Time Delay (t) + Needed Investment (i) ) = Offer Strenght (O)

O = (d+a)/(t+i)

Rank each area on a scale from 1-100…

Add it together and you will have the strength of your offer.

You will end up with a number between 0.01 and 100.

Anything below 1.5 is unacceptable.

Everything above 3 is great.

And heck if you get above 10, holy cow…

You have yourself an irresistible offer!

But this will only take you 80% of the way.

The remaining 20% comes from showing your offer to the right people.

And doing so over and over again.

If there was only one thing I could give you it would be this .

This equation right here...

See it.

Understand it.

Feel it.

Believe it.

Use it.

And I promise that if you do...

You’ll start scaling your business exponentially.