To begin with, I want you to remember...

Whatever product you're selling its not that which people are buying.

Your product is simply the shortcut between your customer's current state and their desired state.

And the desired state is what you want to communicate!

This is where most sustainable businesses get it wrong.

They communicate the sustainability aspect in all its glory whilst that might not be the desired state for the customer.

To be frank, the customer might not care the slightest bit about sustainability.

But that doesn't mean you can't sell a product that is sustainable to them.

You simply need to find the true value of your product/service and focus on that instead.

With that said...

Your business values and way of communicating from a brand perspective is a whole other thing.

And in my opinion a more important aspect of communicating the sustainability-focus.

Like I mentioned, sustainability itself rarely has to do with the desired state.

Sustainability is more about your values, your vision and mission or in other words your brand.

And that's where it's extra important to stick out so that people immediately think...

"This is a forward-thinking business that work with sustainability"

The two main aspects to think about here are the looks and tone of your brand.

Note that there's a fine balance between creativity and business results.

Often people focus too much on the creative side and sacrifice the results of all sales and marketing efforts.

But it can also be the other way around.

There's no easy way of finding the optimal balance for that other than testing until you find your sweet spot.

Now, here are 3 easy steps to get started...

1. Find other businesses, successful businesses, that convey the same feeling with their brand as you want to convey with yours.

2. After looking at a minimum of ten different brands you note down all the commonalities on a spreadsheet.

All specific words, colors, fonts, media, tones, vision statements, mission statements, etc (the more the better).

3. Then incorporate as much of it as possible into your own brand strategy.

With those simple steps...

You should have yourself a brand strategy to communicate your sustainable business.