Today, I am going to tell you the truth about those myths.

So that you can become the great ethical advertiser you deserve!

I’m not going to sit here and tell you that there aren’t scammers out there.

There definitely are scammers out there!

But that doesn’t mean everything they do is a scam.

Let me explain.

When we compare successful scammers to each other...

We will find patterns of their success.

Just like we would compare successful athletes and find theirs.

Rags to riches stories are one of the patterns that are addressed as a trait for scammers.

But in reality...

Every successful salesperson, advertiser and lawyer uses it.

That’s just how selling something works.

Regardless if what we’re selling is a big pile of stinky poo or a Rolls Royce.

We tell such stories to relate to our customers.

Of course, we shouldn't lie in our stories.

But disregarding them is a big mistake.

When it comes to psychographics...

This is something I first saw in "The Social Dilemma".

There are lots of things to be said about this documentary, mainly good things...

But unfortunately, they suggest that psychographics is a force of evil.

Using psychographics is indeed manipulation.

But what they get wrong is the fact that so is...




Even non-verbal communication.

Heck, we even manipulate ourselves with our own thoughts!

We are always consciously or unconsciously manipulating.

Let me ask you something…

Are you the exact same around everyone?

Do you act in the same quirky way around your work friends as you do with your family, best friends or alone?


No one does...

Instead, we put on whatever persona feels appropriate.

That is a form of conscious manipulation.

We are choosing to enforce a specific perspective of ourselves.

Life is simply impossible without manipulation.

All we can do is choose with what intent we use it.

And lastly, selling courses.

Some courses won’t be worth a penny just like any other product out there.

But that’s not to say that all courses are shit.

There are plenty of courses that I’d happily pay $1,000 or even $10,000 for.

Because I believe in my ability to take action with the information I'm provided.

But hey only 10% of those who buy a book actually reads it.

And only a fraction of those people will actually use the information.

Of which a very very very small fraction will use it exactly as intended.

With that said, you understand that only a small fraction will get the results portrayed.

But in most cases the gurus or advertisers are telling the truth about what can be achieved.

On a side note you shouldn't go buying anyones courses just because they promise you'll be rich.

No, noo and nooooo!

There are bad people out there.

People that will happily accept anyone's money.

Without bothering if it's a good fit for them or not.

Unfortunately, that doesn't change the fact that value is relative.

So it is up to you as a consumer to pick and choose only what is relevant for you.

But as a general rule of thumb to apply in any industry where you are trying to grow...

If you want to make a 100,000 dollars you listen to someone that has already made a million.

If you want to make a million dollars you listen to someone that has already made 10 million.

If you want to make 10 million dollars you listen to someone that has already made 100 million.

And as a last disclaimer...

Never ever invest money that you can't afford to lose!