We simply want to believe we are the ones fighting for good.

But there is no such thing as good or bad, it is all relative to your perspective.

Now, I'm making this post because the never-ending ocean of opinions that is our everyday life is taking a toll on our future.

Our lack of understanding and acceptance keeps increasing the polarization in society.

It is my belief that this is the greatest threat we're facing today.

But this message isn't about me pointing fingers at the cause of our problems.

The goal of this message is to share my understanding of how to influence people in hopes of creating a more accepting and understanding tomorrow.

Because I choose to believe in an equal, accepting and understanding society.

I choose to believe in a future where we take care of the planet.

And I choose to believe in a sustainable, just and prosperous economy.

So how do we influence people?

Some will claim that throwing soup on a painting, writing long rants on social media and creating mocking content on your opposing side is the best way.

I won't argue that it works to a certain extent because it does.

However, that approach doesn't change anything...

It simply polarizes what already is.

If you want true change...

Making someone go left instead of right.

You first need to win their trust.

Because we only value the opinions of those we trust.

You gain that trust by making people feel understood and accepted.

But, that can only be achieved if you are open to questioning your own beliefs.

Then you ask questions to guide people's thinking.

We help people see our perspective.

Because remember, we don't want to be told what to do.

We need to think our decisions are our own.

That's how you really change opinions.