It was just a traditional screen printing business.

Even so, they had already acquired several clients without significant effort.


They were in the right location.

And used that to their benefit.

Why am I telling you this?

Because your network is your net worth.

Remember, we connect first and then sell.

And we sell to acquire a customer.

Having a network of people that trust you is the ultimate position for selling something.

Most business owners thrive simply because of this fact.

They're not necessarily good sales people but they sell either way because people buy from people they know.

So as long as they have an okay product for an okay price they will sell.

But let me be very clear...

This isn't bound by location.

Your network can consist of people anywhere in the world.

For as long as you have a way to communicate with someone you can build a relationship.

But building a network isn't easy, so here are...

3 Tips On How To Drastically Expand Your Network:

1. Meet people's psychological needs.

We all want to be accepted and understood.

If you can give someone that...

You have yourself a new friend.

2. Deliver value.

Human beings are egoistic in nature...

We only do things that give us some sort of value.

So, become someone who constantly provides value to your surroundings.

All ways and always.

3. Be real.

Most people don't want to hang around people who are always negative...

But the same can be said about people who are constantly positive.

Being real with someone is just as important as spreading good vibes.

And of course...

Create yourself an Ethical Sales System!