1. Always be honest with your customers and colleagues. Don't mislead or make false promises just to close a sale.  

2. Be honest about the products you are representing and never exaggerate the benefits or features of a product that it doesn't have.

3. Research your market thoroughly before launching any campaigns, so you know exactly who you should be targeting and how best to reach them.

4. Practice ethical marketing techniques such as providing clear pricing information, avoiding deceptive advertising and refraining from aggressive sales tactics to ensure customers feel respected and valued.

5. Ensure that every customer interaction is ethical – from answering calls promptly to addressing their concerns in an appropriate manner – so they don’t feel they’re being taken advantage of in any way.

6. Never try to take advantage of customers’ lack of knowledge by providing them with misleading information or products that don’t meet their needs.

7. Always work hard and stay knowledgeable about the products you are selling so that you can answer customer questions accurately and honestly.

8. Build strong relationships with your clients, suppliers and colleagues – ethical salespeople are trusted advisors as well as sales professionals.

9. Use ethical methods to grow your business such as networking strategically, attending industry events, creating solid marketing materials and staying up-to-date on trends in the industry to keep ahead of your competitors without resorting to unethical practices.

10. Be a positive force for ethical behaviour in the industry by leading by example in all your interactions with customers, clients, suppliers and colleagues.

11. Recognize that ethical behaviour is not a one-time investment but something that needs to be maintained over time. You need to keep learning and growing your ethical practices as you work towards success in the sales and advertising industry.

By employing ethical practices in your sales and advertising efforts, you can achieve sustainable growth while remaining true to your values. With hard work and dedication, ethical success is well within reach!