Social selling, LinkedIn prospecting, LIVE Webinars... But it all just ends up with a few bad sales calls and zero new customers. But why? You’ve seen the proof. It works for others… So why isn’t it working for you? Well, most likely… You are asking a stranger to marry you. Let me explain. Beneath is a buyers pyramid.

This pyramid represents your entire market. Each segment represents how close someone is to buying your product or service. Ranging from not at all interested, to… Sitting with their credit card ready to buy. Here’s the deal. If you approach someone in the middle segment that haven’t even thought about your service, saying… ”Hey you should buy this!” Why should they? Do you think they know why? More importantly, do you think they care? I am sorry to tell you but no they don’t… There has never been as much scepticism as there is on the internet today. Therefore, they are much more likely to be discouraged by being approached like that and might even be angry about it.

What you want to do instead is to meet them on their level… You can only interest people in buying. So that is what you want to do. Make them interested… And to do that we must once again return to the segments in your buyer's pyramid. But this time, we dive a bit deeper. This is an example of how you could serve each segment.

Ask yourself…

”What does this segment want?”


”What can I offer to best serve those needs?”

For example, imagine that you are looking to buy your first car. Naturally, you have some questions like.

”What car brand is least likely to have problems?”

”Is it better to buy an electric or diesel?”

”How do I know if a car is in good shape before buying?”

And on goes the list… What if you were then presented with an ad saying…

”Finally answered! The 20 most asked questions from people looking to buy a new car, answered in great detail by car expert Tony Campbell.”

And there you go… Just like that, you have given something of very high value to the 7% of potential customers that just needs a few questions answered. Perhaps in exchange for their email address. Now making you able to give them even more valuable content via mail. By doing so you can push people up the pyramid making them more interested every day and ultimately ready to buy. That really is all there is to it. That is the biggest mistake in advertising and sales I see online.

Let’s recap… There are 3 action points I want you to take away from this.

Nr.1, Identify the needs and desires for each segment of your market.

Nr.2, Create a plan to serve them with valuable content.

Nr.3, Keep serving them until they start asking about your services, at which point you present your pitch and if you seem like a good fit, you strike a deal!

That is how you can start getting new customers on the internet in no time.