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Nued is the company of the future and we who work see ourselves as part of the solution to the giant gap called sustainability.

The company was founded with a common vision, a vision to change the world as we see it today into something so much bigger and so much better. A more sustainable, humane and equal world. We who work at the company share opinions and values ​​that issues of sustainability in their entirety must not be a discussion but must become a standard. We therefore mainly look at the personality and perspectives when we hire new people into our company. There needs to be diversity in order to create the ecosystem needed to promote a greener future.
The right people are more important than what is written
on paper.

We are driven, we are humble, we are big, we are small.

- Motivation, opportunities and development are what move us forward but humility, self-insight and understanding are what keep us on track.

Nued is a company that work towards creating results. Results in sales, competitiveness and everything between the lines. We work with companies that have a positive view on a sustainable future and are, like us, willing to work to change the world one step at a time. If the right types of companies, with the right types of messages, are what lead Sweden and above all the world, the people will slowly but surely follow in their footsteps.

We create these companies through the construction and development of stronger brands. Through strategies, well-developed productions, results presentations and analyzes, we take these companies to new heights.

When you work with us at Nued, you work towards a global change. With us, you can feel a pride in your work and know that every second you strive for a better everyday life. You know that the people you will work with accept, welcome and include you no matter what. For these people, just like you, a common vision and a common goal follow. If you are a person who dream of more than just Saturdays and the holidays, if you are a person who wants to make the world a better place, if you are a person who thinks about more than just yourself and actively works towards helping others, you also deserve to be praised for it.

That is why Nued offers everyone who works an opportunity to realize themselves and their dreams. In the management, we constantly work towards realizing both our customers 'visions but at the same time our employees'. A strong and common drive, which is present in everyone in the management team, is to identify dreams in our workers and actively work towards realizing them. Everyone carries their own unique stories and each story is as exciting as the last.

Do you have the passion to do more than just the mediocre? Are you one of the 3% who refuse to give up and are you a person who sees the possibilities behind the doors towards a better future? Are you driven to create something more than just yourself and driven to continue even though everything seems to go against you? Then we see you as part of the family.

Welcome to apply for a chance to everything you have ever dreamed of and above all, welcome home.
ready, set, go!
We could tell you about our unique process, forward thinking, great results, etc. But we won't. Let's have a coffee instead?
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