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A business woman walking inside Hotel Scheele.

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A block of color in the shades of Nueds branding.
As a Hotel Business this of course brings a number of difficulties. But for visionaries there are also opportunities. In pursuing a solution, Hotel Scheele reached out to us with the request of engaging their audience.

In the middle of Gothenburg and Stockholm you will find a small industrial town called Köping. It's known for its' bakeries and to be one of Swedens most boring town due to the industrial feeling.
A collage of detail pictures taken at Hotel Scheele featuring their sauna, conference rooms, a fruity drink, a juice burger with bacon, their premium suit and a positive quote from a customer.
A block of color in the shades of Nueds branding.
The concept is more than just a project, it is a statement and it is a way of showing Sweden that Köping is the place to be. That Köping can not be forgotten. It is saying "we are proud of what we have and what we can offer."

So we went on the mission to engage their current audience as well as attracting eyes from a broader audience. We adapted the right language and got started.

Our concept was a digital marketing strategy based on Copy and High Quality Content.
A Facebook ad saying "What is the most important object for you at the fika table?"
A informal Facebook ad showing what time Hotel Scheele's restaurant is open.
A cute cat sleeping in a hotel bed.
ready, set, go!
We could tell you about our unique process, forward thinking, great results, etc. But we won't. Let's have a coffee instead?
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