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An image of a Swedish cinnamon bun.

how about a swedish fika?

A block of color in the shades of Nueds branding.
A fika paus is part of Swedish culture, everyday life and way of thinking.

Society has a high tempo that sometimes can bring stress which often times lead to depression.

The Swedish answer to this is our fika. A break from our everyday life where we can sit down, relax and just have a casual conversation.
A man pouring Eritrean Coffee into a cup.A man drinking Eritrean coffee with a smile on his face.
A block of color in the shades of Nueds branding.
To embrace the importance of Swedish Fika, Arboga Kommun wanted us to help them photograph all local cafeterias. Our goal was to lift unique aspects of each cafeteria that could highlight the diversity.
Eritrean Coffee beans being roasted.
ready, set, go!
We could tell you about our unique process, forward thinking, great results, etc. But we won't. Let's have a coffee instead?
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